We offer a wide variety of creative services paired with a custom culinary experience at our event space in Bakersfield, CA.  Contact us to plan your next event, arts and craft night, bridal shower, baby shower or birthday party.  Bubbly goes well with just about anything in our eyes which is why house made sangria, champagne, beer and wine are all available at our events.  Looking for something different at your private event? Request a Bloody Mary bar, bellini bar or mimosa bar, to add a unique twist!    

When it comes to food we believe in creative food without gimmicks, combing interesting ingredients packed with flavor.  Healthy eating means something different to us, it isn't about bland food, counting calories and fat free substitutes.  We promote a healthy lifestyle by sticking to the basics and cooking without artificial ingredients.  Fructose is not our friend, we prefer honey as a sweetener. Our food is minimally processed and prepared with fresh fruits and vegetables.  We strive to source our products from within California and we use local, organic or sustainable ingredients when possible.  We care about what goes into our body and value gourmet flavors as well! It's all about real food that tastes good!

WINE WORKSHOP & live music

FRI. APR 6th   



Guests will have the opportunity to sit back relax and listen to some live music while experiencing a unique wine inspired workshop.  Each station will offer something different.  Advance ticket purchase required.  Space is limited. Guests will visit each station for approximately twenty minutes and have the option to participate in one or four stations.

The wine cork station will allow guests to plant and design three corks.

The wine glass customization station will provide guests with all materials and supplies to customize their wine glass.

The wine pairing station will offer three pours with three small bites and will feature TLO Winery.

The sparkling wine station will offer two pours a complimentary gourmet cheese and an educational experience.

If you plan on participating in one of the four experiences there will be a sign up sheet for 6:15, 6:45, 7:15, and 7:45 available at check-in. 

Wine Workshop & Experiences Options

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